Advanced-XR (“AXR”) provides enhanced, immersive learning and interactive
real-life simulation experiences in dynamic, customized virtual environments.  
AXR is unique in its ability to amass data & analyze trainee’s behaviors utilizing biofeedback sensors, big data mining algorithms and AI to generate data-driven insights to improve the trainee’s performance.

XR Technology

XR (Extended Reality) is an umbrella term used to describe immersive technologies which merge the physical and virtual worlds and which relates to all immersive learning technologies including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).  Immersive technologies extend the reality we experience by either blending the virtual and “real” worlds or by creating a fully immersive experience.

Advanced-XR™ uses extended reality technology to improve the ability of trainees to act and respond as in real life scenarios using all 5 senses and “Verbal Judo”.

Based on our vision utilizing all 5 senses and the Verbal Judo methodology we created the ability to “Train The Brain™”.

Verbal Judo is the practice of using words to prevent or end acts of physical violence and avoid situation escalation.

In an Advanced-XR  experience, trainees are fully immersed in a simulated digital environment. Trainees wear a head-mounted display to get a 360-degree view of a simulated real-life-scenario that “fools” their brain into believing they are walking, holding items and acting in real life scenarios that the developers created.

Advanced-XR applies the approach & training methodology of flight simulators to others in stressful and immediate response scenarios. Research confirms that better, more intuitive, XR response training will improve the decision-making capabilities required to manage stressful scenarios and life and death situations in real life.

Advantages of Using Advanced-XR for Training:


The Advanced-XR simulator enables employees to develop a better understanding of concepts, objects and processes by actually seeing and experiencing them.

Remote Learning and Collaboration

The Advanced-XR simulator bridges geographic distances between trainers and trainees, enabling a trainer to “teleport” into the same room as trainees and guide them through their immersive experiences. With XR, trainees can also collaborate remotely.


Advanced-XR creates safe environments that allow trainees to learn from their mistakes without risk or endangering their lives.


Advanced-XR also helps companies save money on purchasing & maintaining training equipment. For example, it’s much less expensive to train employees to repair aircraft engines ,perform medical procedures or engage in practice shooting exercises using virtual real-life-scenarios.

Helping Learners Stay Focused

XR technologies ensure trainees focus on the training process. The XR headset insulates a trainee from the real world and its distractions. Thus, it increases trainee’s attention and facilitates faster learning.

High Engagement and Knowledge Retention

Using XR for training makes the learning experience more engaging and rewarding for trainees.  Advanced-XR™ Immersive simulation experiences elicit emotional reactions and provide nearly “real life” interactions between trainees. Advanced-XR™ simulator enables “learning by doing”.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced-XR™ simulator’s smart algorithms collect behavioral data, heat maps, gestures and in the near future, voice recognition. Advanced-XR™ simulator control panels employ a friendly visual graphic interface (GUI) that  can help organizations, in a visual manner, evaluate and improve trainees’ performances.

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